Life & Resurrection

I wanted to share this with you in hopes that the symbols will speak to you in your dreams  tonight as well…  I wrote this the two days before Easter.  I was thinking about many things including the legacy we leave to our children and the stories of our lives.  I think the idea of  resurrection speaks to the continual cycles of regenerating our selves. Reinventing who we are in the world and within ourselves.   The symbols do not belong to one religion or another, one belief or another but are universal and belong to us all.  I hope that you read this as if it were written for you, to you personally.


She is the Weaver and Healer, She is the Storyteller and Singer.  She Dances Between Worlds.  She is Star Nation sent from the time of remembering, long before the stories of weeping and loss.

Standing at the Center of Creation, She bends time..weaving old stories with the new..weaving patterns between time and space and folding colorful strands upon themselves.  She travels on the tips of feathers and touches on a moment here and there whispering to those who will listen, “Wake up and Join me..Remember we are here to Create…Wake up and create…Undo the binding confusion..Loosen the webs and from the tattered remains weave a rich possibility..Give form to the face of the lost twin of creation- the one that was lost at the Tree ..Go back to the moment of our original sin..where we forgot our belonging…Speak to Our Remembering and choose Life!

Go back to the moment before our birth..with the clanging of the first church bell…and stop. Quickly with your weaving bind the chaos and confusion to itself..Wind the scarlet threads of life around the Sacred Tree..Bind our souls to Wisdom and Truth…Sing the Songs of Creation and Our Remembering and fan the Sacred Smoke of understanding over them and wait for the return of the Sacred Breath and Holy Fire to move over them giving birth to Creation.


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  1. *deep sigh*

    perfect. i love it.

    thank you.

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