Raining Down A Blessing!


I love National Geographic! This picture came out of an article on the “Quest For Color”, they entitled this photo “Drenched In Devotion”.  These women from India are literally showered with brightly colored paints  as part of a ritual. Their clothes and faces are saturated in paint and in this picture the girl is clearing her eyes from all the paint.

This so reminded me of the ceremonies of the Southwest Native Americans like the Navajo and Apache who drench their young women in golden yellow corn pollen as part of their coming of age blessing.

I wonder why the act of “blessing” things went away?  It’s such a simple thing to do.  It doesn’t cost money, require much time or require any signficant skill other than an ability to focus an intention with prayer and a generous heart.  So wouldn’t we shower the people in our lives with blessings every chance we get.   What would your life be life if you had received a blessing as a young woman?  What if you had known you and your work, your love, your life was blessed at every turn?  Would it have changed your direction? What would you have done differently?

In my Moonlodge Workshop I’m hoping we have the chance to do a blessing ritual.  I’m not sure yet what this is going to look like but I think it’s an important thing to do.  I’d love to hear about your experiences with blessing rituals, or the absence of them.  Is a blessing ritual important to you? If you were to design your blessing ritual what elements or features would you include?


So until then, Blessings to each of you!



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