The Moonlodge: What are we being invited to?

I finally recorded a couple of videos for the upcoming Moonlodge Workshop. This is an excerpt from one of those videos. It’s short but I think it serves as a great intro into a wonderful, dynamic conversation about reclaiming our women’s traditions. Hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Hi! Just went to view the video and wanted to let you know that the screen was extremely dark. There was a portion (about 1 min 20 seconds into the video) where I was able to dimly see you – it looked like you had moved closer to the screen) and several times when I was able to see your hand. That’s it! In all fairness though, I did enjoy listening & can’t wait for future videos that will allow me to see as well as hear. Blessings!

    • Cynthia,
      I’m not sure why it seemed to do that. At points it did get fuzzy, it seems to be in the translation some how to youtube. At some point, I may try to redo this. But I hope it was still helpful in understanding some of what the moonlodge has been and what we are creating together! Very exciting stuff!

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