Best of Show on my 3rd painting

This is the third painting I painted earlier this year.  At the last minute I entered it into the Modoc County Fair thinking that it would be a ‘growth experience’ for me.  I was so excited to get Best of Show I still don’t really believe it.  Didn’t realize it would be so important to me.  In the back of my mind, I guess I half way expect friends to tell me “white lies” and say they “like” my artwork.  But something clicked with this aware.  These people don’t know me, have never met me and really have no motive for ‘voting’, although in the back of my mind I still wrestle with that they voted for me to encourage a ‘newbie’ painter.  Either way, I’m thrilled that they thought to do so.  Yeah!  A little encouragement goes a long ways!


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  1. Hooray! Congratulations!!!! How absolutely wonderful for you. And such a gorgeous painting! Beaming from ear to ear over here with excitement and pride for you 🙂


    • Thanks Sheri!! I worked on this painting before our Legendary Woman course. Just entered into the county fair to see what would happen…so thrilled. Your art is amazing as well! Just love all that we’ve accomplished!! Just ran into another fan of Shiloh’s, she actually comment just before you did… synchronicities.. Here’s her link too: , passed yours on to her as well. Think its great if we can inspire one another and keep it going! Rock on Sister!

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