Our Story of Belonging

I’m taking Mari McCarthy’s 27 Days To Health & Happiness eBook course and I’m on Day 1.  Following her journaling prompts, I found my self examining my idea of belonging.  Some of that was surfacing in my last post,”Tribe of the Sacred Heart” (be sure to read the comments, there a surprise there too) .   In today’s freewrite, I realized that there has been a long cycle of belonging and not belonging in my life.  When I was young, my ‘not belonging’ to my biological family and the established roles and structures led me to other groups, in each of them I learned more about who I am and who I’m not.  Each led me deeper into the layers of my self.  Until I have found my self belonging to very little .  This feels very lonely but I as I look back I realize that while I am shedding the skins of what I am not, I am simultaneously creating a new existence.    That is my place of belonging.


I belong to a generation that has moved past the walls that bind me to my past and separate me from a future of my own creation.  I belong to the generation that has moved into open territory, drawing courage from unseen generations in the past and the future that whisper for us to create a new place of belonging from our dreams.  I belong to the generation that will morph the stories of the past, leaving room for the wisdom of the generations to build upon.


I belong to the tribe of women who have shed their limitations, in spite of the pain that it took to do so.  I belong to the generation that is true only to the living of Truth– even when this has meant  that what we thought was True a moment ago, has changed and morphed as we have.  I belong to the tribe that realizes that the Truth changes when we do, so we seek change and transformation as a path that draws us closer to the heart of Creation.


I belong to my Self, who is constantly teaching me, shaping me and revealing her self to me.  I belong to my creative ability, my art, my songs and my stories. I belong to the potential that waits to be created — through life, through community, through art, through stories and songs.


I belong to the generations.  I belong to my ancestors and to future generations;  my children and grandchildren.  I belong to the generations as they also morph and change into the creative expression they need to be. I belong to the many faces that will build on the thoughts and dreams that we have shared with them.


I belong to the face of the Divine as she presents her self to me through art, my children, my songs and my stories.  I belong to Life as She dances through my life and transforms me with her songs and stories and her creative ability.

I  belong.


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