Painting, Painting, Painting

I’ve finally found ‘my style’, at least for now.  I’d been working on a style that reflects my both my Native American and Filipina and European heritage (wow – right?) and can fairly easily move from images of goddess and the sacred feminine to images from sacred stories.  My style had to be ethnic and spiritual yet pushing past all those sterotypes.  Yeah, it took some work but I think I’m finally there!  If you’re on Facebook you’ve already seen some sneak previews, but I’ll be uploading new pics again soon.. *tease for future posts*

All that being said, I’m selling my previous paintings to make room and money for more paint and new canvases.   I’m fixing a couple of things on some of the paintings, painting edges  and taking new pics with my new camera.  All of the paintings will be available as prints, cards and posters on Fine Art America and I’m listing items for sale on eBay and etsy.    I’ll list the links below so you’ll have them ; )

I’m also taking orders for custom paintings of angels/goddesses/fancy shawl dancers..women in their radiance.  12×12 acrylic paintings for $110. I’ll be getting a order site soon but if you’re interested email me soon so that I can get your info about the angel/goddess/dancer that you want painted.  These are intuitive/visionary paintings in the style that I’ve been painting in and are not meant to be portraits but stylized reflections of your angel/goddess/radiant woman.  You can email me at gbenton789(@)

Many blessings to each of you as we celebrate the turning of the seasons!


Oh, yeah, here’s the link for the ebay auction for The Sun & Moon painting:

And here’s my Fine Art America account:

Here is my Facebook Gallery page:

And on etsy:

Thank you for your support, it means everything to me and keeps me painting!!


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